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Our trip to Tuscany

Recently a blogger friend, Mara, asked us some suggestions about her honeymoon, because she and Matthew would like to visit our beautiful country. I replied her question with a comment, but I thought it would be better for them if they saw some pictures taken in our trip to Tuscany.
We went there with my whole family in july 2008- it seems yesterday though! We went to San Gimignano, Capalbio, Siena and other towns- but I can't remember all their names; we stayed in apartment in a little town near the sea and then almost every day we took the car and went to visit all the other cities. I'm afraid we didn't visit Firenze (Florence) because my family and I went there in the past, but you can see that we saw a lot of beautiful places! A warning: you'll see a lot of photos of the sea. I remember it was VERY hot so whenever we could, we went to the sea ^^

This and the next photo: beautiful views of the hills surrounding San Gimignano

Moreno and I under a porch in San Gimignano. As I said, it was very hot!!

The piazza (square). I remember that in this square there was a shop awarded for the best gelato in the world!

A sunset while returning to our apartment.

My mum and brother; i can't remember where this picture was taken, but that behind them was the ruin of an ancient castle.

My mum, my brother, Moreno and I playing cards near the seaside :)

In this photo we were to the Argentario (argento = silver), a place famous for the beautiful sea and the marine fauna. We saw a lot of beautiful fishes while snorkeling.

Playing Scarabeo (scrabble) late at night in the apartment we rent with Moreno and my long-haired brother ^^ We love this game (even if it's a little nerdy) and we can be very competitive! Everyone wants to win :)

A picture of a house in Capalbio.

Funny statue and medieval buildings in Capalbio

Natural thermal baths with sulphureous water. The sospicious-looking individual on the left with the striped t-shirt and sunglasses is my dad :)

Talkin' about weddings! While in Siena, in Piazza del Campo (where twice a year takes place the famous Palio), we spotted a bridal party coming across the square. All the guests were dressed in white/ chic :)

Another picture of Piazza del Campo, Siena.

The clock tower of Piazza del Campo

The Duomo of Siena.

Well, I think these pictures are meaningful enough...I hope you enjoyed this mini tour and I hope I didn't make too much mistakes writing in english.

P.S. Per i lettori italiani: mi scuso per il post interamente in inglese ma dato che è diretto in particolare a una lettrice americana ho voluto agevolarla e non costringerla a usare GoogleTranslator, che a volte fa degli obbrobri. Chiedo perdono :) Spero che abbiate capito comunque.
Abbraccioni anche a voi!


4 commenti:

ღ Sara ღ ha detto...

ciao ragazzuoli!
un bacione grande e buon week end!!

Luca and Sabrina ha detto...

Ci siamo goduti questo viaggio insieme a voi, anche noi siamo stati in Toscana, ma in più riprese, a dire il vero ci manca un tour come questo. I luoghi che avete visitato sono meravigliosi, dall'entroterra collinare al mare, per non parlare di Siena alla quale siamo molto legati, un piccolo gioiellino!
Bacioni da Sabrina&Luca

mammadeglialieni ha detto...

ma dai, che sorpresa, è davvero bella la mia toscana!
buon w.e.!!!!

Jul e Mo ha detto...

Sara: grazie di essere passata! Speriamo che tu abbia passato un bel finesettimana!

Luca&Sabrina: i posti sono davvero splendidi, mi fa piacere che vi sia piaciuto il nostro tour virtuale! ^^ sto pensando di trascinare Moreno per Gradisca uno di questi giorni per farvi conoscere anche la nostra piccola cittadina!

Mammadeglialieni: già! Beata te che ti puoi godere quei posti stupendi ogni volta che vuoi! :)

Un abbraccione a tutti!

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